Love hurt belief self-worth and wait poem

When I Wait Here

Once I went to hell, to fetch some lies for you
As it was my promise that I will never ever shoo
But wasn’t it harsh when you threw me out
And used some of the lies to hide my truth!

I stood for you, I would stand for you
I loved you then, as well today I do
But you have to prove your love, and my worth for you
I won’t come back when only I know I am who

You go to temples, you submit your lies
You plead to him and feel my cries
I need you full, true and strong
When I ask for everything, I am not wrong

Dare to judge me, and I won’t see you in eyes
When you ignore me back, something in me dies
Today when you are free to breathe and think and do
Why don’t you heal your soul and my broken heart too!

A good man, a pure soul..whatever you want
A good friend, a good wife whom you can always flaunt
You have it all and a lot of gifts to care
I am here a full day, but you need to share

Your love, your dreams, and all your passions
You need to tell me, in all your submissions
You go and leave and find your dear
You fix it once…when I will wait here!

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