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Disappeared Days

One day on the bed, worried, I asked myself
Every time to remember yesterday, I need my phone’s help
Days, weeks and month pass, just like my childhood class,
Whom I remember not, totally forgot, disappeared from my life’s shelf

The road I traveled, the person on the sidewalk
To my pets, when I met, what did I talk
The sky’s color, and giggles in the park
The movie posters on the wall, whom I used to stalk

Sitting hours in the coffee shop, reading Sherlock Holmes
Driving in the rainy days, and shouting in the domes
Dreaming hours and hours, pining for someone special
Counting the wild flowers and sowing seeds in the loams

I remember those days, in and out
Those are clear in my mind, with not a single doubt
But what’s happening these days, when I work like a robot
Keeping all the data intact, and killing memories with a clout

Time is flying, didn’t I cut its wings
I am the conqueror, in my praise everyone sings
Why can’t I stop it, why can’t I remember
I lived them through, yesterday’s simple tiny things!

Either the walks are mundane, or may be my mind is barren
I know where I stand and where to reach, but I forget the terrain
Consumed in my thoughts, my work and my phone
Maybe I am wronging myself, and the world I arraign

I am thinking hard, what happened yesterday
Did I love them a lot, any good words did I say
Though I know, it’s my right to live one day at a time
But for all the desires, things and stuff, this is what I pay

Now I pray, when I am lost in the way
Whatever I have collected – desires, things and stuff – I will give away
My eyes looking, my heart aching – see if you may
Take whatever the cost, and give back my each disappeared day!

2 thoughts on “Disappeared Days

  1. Mam it’s really a awesome poem with which I also got connected with my disappeared days…
    Thank you for posting such a realistic poem.

    1. Hey Nikhil,

      Thanks for reading and the appreciation. Sometimes we all feel like rushing through something – and we cannot stop it! I tried to put that experience in words.

      Thanks again!

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