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I Won’t Rest In Peace

I had a fire
A burning desire
When I felt the heat
I used to admire

To do something new
To touch the morning dew
To swirl and twirl
To save a stray mew

I felt the pumping heart
I removed the dead part
I was strong and resilient and bold
Though I believed it was a start

To be a woman and to care
Sometimes in pain but we still glare
I used to smile, they used to stare
Though empty at times, I used to share

A woman of purpose, they would call
I was a savior and not a doll
I loved my people, one and all
And they stood for me, so that I never fall

So all was good, I could never see
I felt like an eagle, but was I ever free
Who knew I had a body of wax
I could burn and vanish, I do never agree!

Is it so easy to spoil a life?
Being a human and forget other’s strife
Is it hard to stand still and decide
To save with it, or to kill with a knife

I always loved the heat, didn’t I love the fire?
I was burnt alive, to fulfill their desire
Gone I am, and they might think, my story will expire
But for a human in you, does it inspire?

I wanted to help and save and care
But now I want see them cold, alone and bare
To all you women, and every child of yours
Stand for the justice, so no one can dare

I am not a woman who will burn to ashes
I am not a body whom anyone thrashes
I was and am a soul of purpose
Won’t rest in peace until each one of them crashes!

This poem is dedicated to Miss. Priyanka Reddy, a 26 year old Veterinary doctor from Hyderabad, India who was brutally gang-raped and burnt alive on the eve of 27’th November, 2019 while she was returning from the hospital. I would not say may her soul rest in peace. I don’t want to!

May her soul also burn in anger, the same anger that me and every other woman is feeling, each member of her family, each of friends is going through. May it haunt all the devils and demons, who not only destroy a beautiful body but a dream of God.They are not animals – no – because animals would have never done this.

To all such dirty minds, I hope she follows and show what hell is like – not death do they deserve – they deserve to burn every single day – every single moment – Alone, bare and without any sympathy.

And others should know! Because there should be fear – a cold, chilling, blood freezing fear!

I pray for this. If law of attraction works in positive direction, I am sure it will work in this direction as well. Right?

No words, no anger, no disgust, no law, no candle marches, no punishment – the souls of these criminals should suffer. It has to be a revenge of a soul – not just of a body! May it happen – and may every man and woman witness it! Amen.

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  1. Great Poem, For Sure. Thankyou for writing this, Its very important to spread awareness about this brutal things happening in our society.

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