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Don’t Be Beautiful

Don’t be beautiful
When you can do so many things
Don’t stay restless, worried and still
When you got such mighty wings

You create, you care
You can stand up, you can dare
You are talented, and you finish stuff
If you are a doer, why go only for being fair

History proves there is so much in you
Nothing is there what a woman cannot do
She fought the battles, she cured them all
She governed the kingdom, she ran the show

The adventure, the craziness
The love and the fun
Who said it’s only the looks
For his ever chosen one

Who goes for the face
Goes for the worst ever chase
Ask them who lived happy life
In their woman, what was the amaze

So, my lady, go have your fun
Behind the empty beauty, you never run
You are the woman of purpose, love of your life
Explore the world and do whatever you haven’t done!

Love ❤❤
– Tejaswini Deshpande

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