Strong Woman strength love poem

An Unforseen Encounter

When did it happen, why couldn’t she forsee,
She had it all figured out, then how did she fell for thee
The calling was strong, near to divine
Neither the time was right, nor was he

Pure to her heart, with nothing in her cart
Strolling without the intent, and talking with Lee
Money in her safe, saved for a special…
But the lock couldn’t be broken, and she already had given up the key

When he talked that day, in a forgotten familiar way
After ages and days, she was again feeling her chi
I am sure this time, though the tide rises high
She will sail her boat, and in her world she will be

The pain was flowing out of her heart,
To break all the shackles was just a tiny little start
How true is the woman, who believes in she
Feeling the open air alone, and stay with thee

The change was triggered, the flame was fired,
The eagle was released, the dynamo was wired
She realized her worth, with him she agree
Beauty beyond the horizon, scary as a banshee

He set her free, he got her to the sea
She is sailor you know, she was never a tree
Now no-one can touch her, inside no-one can see
She got her destiny, he made her what she should be!

–  Tejaswini Deshpande

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