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Boycott What They Make

At night, when I slept
I dreamt of a soldier
Who was standing on the cliff
Just watching the sunset
In the land of unknown
Thinking of the same sun
Going down in his village
When his small kid
Would sit with his mother
And light a lamp
Of hope and well-being
And of peace and a happy thing
He too loved the same
But he had to be here
As his land needed to be guarded
Yes, looked upon, warded
It could be easy, or it could be hard
But of all the children of God, some would turn bastard
They should be kept away from this treasure
Whatever the cost, whatever the measure
This might make his child lose his father
But every millimeter, he knew, he has to gather

Yes, they would come at night
With a planned, cold and a bloody fight
But none of his soldiers will ever run away
He saw it in their eyes, every single day
The lake, the land
And the beautiful sand
Travelers loved it
But it was secure in his hand
To open the hand, and let it go
Or to kill them all, without a sorrow
He had chosen to protect and preserve
Well, the day he joined, he pledged to serve

So, this was the night
When the valley would be red
Sons would be dying
Their souls crying for peace, but still their blood would be shed

The fight for the greed
Of people sitting in the room
Looking at the land on the maps
And snatching it with pen and the gloom
That fight, would be fought by all the brave men
With nothing but sticks and shapeless stones
Which would shatter the praying lamps
With lifelong pain, loud cries and moans!

And then he said with a voiceless scream
Looking into my soul, he spoke in my dream…
“I am here to serve
Your land, my land, and this reserve
But I request you to fight those bastards
Who sit behind their tablets and decide our fate
Who decide when we will bleed, that exact date
Who kill the thousand dreams
Just using us as a bait
Yes, fight them my nation
Boycott all they make
Sitting on the cushion, wearing all clean coats
They need to shake
They need to break
I am your Soldier,
I will fight till death
But make sure, you too pledge the revenge
Till your final, very last breath!”

– A Poem by Tejaswini Deshpande (Instagram @wittywriteups)

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