English Poem on Soulmates, love story
Love, Poem

Soul Friends

There is a boy⁣
They say he looks like a man⁣
But I can see a tiny boy⁣
Who wants to be loved⁣
Who wants to be needed⁣
Who needs a true friend⁣
Only his, living the friendship he possesses⁣
Hiding it from the world⁣
Just like the rare colorful stone⁣
Buried in the backyard⁣
Only he and I know⁣
The secret we share⁣
And his genuine childish care!⁣

Yes, a stubborn in the maze⁣
And a half turned page⁣
I see the fear⁣
The fear of loss⁣
In his closed tired eyes⁣
And trembling whispering voice⁣
Trying to prove ⁣
His mighty tender love⁣
In the world of vultures⁣
That he is an amiable dove!⁣

Every little glory⁣
I wish to tell him first⁣
And every new story⁣
He wishes to share though worst⁣
There is a reason ⁣
Why we are soul friends⁣
When I fall or stumble⁣
He leaves all behind and holds my hand⁣
And his heart tells a tale⁣
That only I can understand!⁣

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