forbidden poem in english


I wander⁣
In the abandoned lands⁣
Anxious, curious.⁣
Where I always meet some⁣
Who are harsh⁣
Some who are generous⁣
Some who are humorous⁣
And some with dark pasts⁣
They tell their stories⁣
They dwell in their glories⁣
Most of them ⁣
Can’t get out of self⁣
They want a stranger⁣
To elaborate how different their stories are⁣
And how each one has been ⁣
In the land of fairies⁣
An unfortunate elf⁣

I listen everytime⁣
I listen the sane ones⁣
But for sure I was⁣
My matters were private⁣
Like an undercover agent⁣
I won’t tell⁣
I won’t dwell⁣
That was my mantra⁣
To glide and stroll⁣
To escape my hole⁣
Just to find out⁣
The infinite tales⁣
Of wantings⁣
And loss⁣
Of success⁣
And toss⁣
Some made me crazy⁣
Some made me sleep⁣
Some made me laugh⁣
And sometimes I did weep⁣

But I never told⁣
Until today⁣
When I met someone⁣
In the mysterious labyrinth⁣
Who wanted to know me⁣
Who wanted to listen⁣
Same as me.⁣
Who had the guts⁣
To make me talk⁣
Identifying my mutts⁣
And making me walk.⁣
A storyless man⁣
Crazy for stories⁣
Exploring my soul⁣
Some untouched territories.⁣
On the verge of my kingdom⁣
In dilemma, half in, half out⁣
Should I collect myself and return⁣
Or escape with a loud shout.⁣

But I get alert⁣
All of a sudden⁣
I can’t forget⁣
Sharing my secrets⁣
Was always forbidden!⁣
Banned. Prohibited. Not allowed!⁣

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