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Hello dear,

I understand your challenges to create your presence on Digital Mediums as a Fitness Model/Trainer, and especially Instagram. You are good at what you do, but you are stuck how to post content and how to grow the number of followers and engagement. I am here to help you.

There are in-numerous softwares and applications available on internet,  which rather than making your life simple, are putting you in the confusion from where to start. It’s always said, a good mentor can guide you to your goals atleast 10X times faster than what you would do in DIY ways. In this fast moving age of social media, do you want to move 10X faster, or stagnate back counting one or two followers daily?

No. I don’t want you to do this. I want you to grow. I want you to grow fast, get modelling assignments, advertisements, collaboration requests and training consignments. I want you to move with the pace that you deserve. Fast!

I am Tejaswini Deshpande, a Digital Marketer with more than 10 years of experience. I coach students on Digital Marketing at Staenz Academy – India’s Leading Digital Marketing Academy.

I promise you I will help at my best to give you good visibility and results on Social Media and Web with my expertise and connections.

So join my FitnessPro Marketing Membership Area, where I upload a lot of premium resources for Fitness Models, Trainers and Brands like

  1. Hashtag Sets that help you get growth on Instagram
  2. Instagram Bio Analysis
  3. Account Review
  4. Content Ideas
  5. Case studies of successful accounts
  6. Free shout-outs whenever possible
  7. Chance to become a member of same-minded Fitness Community

…and so on!

I will update the membership area almost every other day. Once you are inside, you would never need any other mentor to guide you. Me and my well experienced team will be with you in your journey from zero to the horizon and beyond!

Press the below button, and I will see you inside!

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Thanks and regards,
Tejaswini Deshpande
Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer
Staenz Academy.