Save thoughts while you save the trees!

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“I am definitely thinking of writing something”, I was talking to him last night at 1 a.m. There was no reply for a moment. He should be asleep, I thought, as many times it happen, my nocturnal mind popping up ideas at the middle of night is left unheard and then me trying to gather all my fantasies and willpower around that idea for an hour more before the mosquito swatter bat’s murderous lullaby from our neighbors make my hyperactive brain wander off into an unknown world of dreams! But I guess I was lucky yesterday, “then pick a pen and paper and write a short story”, he mumbled! And there was the silence again, but with a sense of approval. I felt confident and may be a bit anxious too! I was not sure if I am a story teller, but I definitely liked to stray into wide range of thoughts and ideas and fantasies, always!

Pen and a paper was a brilliant start, I should try, I thought. I got up in a state of haze about what should I write first of all the stuff I keep on thinking, and slowly entered into our study. ‘Do I have a new notebook, or probably a register…’ my back-end processor was still processing the resources! To my surprise, I found a blank register in my computer drawer and spotted a Parker pen nearby. “Nice”, I was overwhelmed.

Update: I have migrated all my stories to my medium blog. Please read the remaining part of this story here => Save thoughts while you save the trees!

2 thoughts on “Save thoughts while you save the trees!”

  1. Nice one…..This article really made me to think about nature n motivated me to think specially about our true friends — trees,………

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