A Baby Whom I Know

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I have a sweet little nephew named Ansh! We all know how much we love our cute nephews and nieces. Same is the case here! I just can’t wait to see him, play with him and I am sure I am going to spoil him like anything. He is my loveliest heartthrob and I am dedicating this poem to him. He is just 4 months old when I am writing this poem. Hope you all like it and you too can send it to cute little daemons in your family, without whom there is no fun and happiness for everyone around! Just don’t forget to quote and follow this meager, amateur poet!

A lovely poem for a baby boy

There is a baby, whom I really truly know,
Who is bright as a star and smooth as snow
He likes good music and he likes all the rhymes
We are his musers and the able composers sometimes!

His eyes are big and his voice is sweet
But he is moody a bit when he wets his sheet
His hair are black and straight and soft
To make him laugh is the most desired craft!

Tiny little feets and tender playful hands,
Drawing us towards him with his magical wands.
Dancing and boxing and rowing and growing
Wherever his stroller goes, I keep following!

The dress he wears and the sound he fears
Everything is so tiny, including his tears
How innocent he looks, you look at the boy!
We are endowed by the Almighty, with this li’l bundle of joy!

Adored and cared for and cherished by everyone,
The day he was born, we knew, a wonderful story has begun.
I wish him all the bliss and the treasures of the world
Laughters and health and love, not only diamonds and the gold!

This is about a baby, whom I really truly know
I am running to see him, here and there, to and fro!
To hold him, to kiss him – is my unequaled wish
Love you oh baby, believe, you are my valiant, perfect hero!

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